What is Idea Bounty

Well the simple answer is that for clients, Idea Bounty is the simplest way to hire 1000s of creatives and only pay for the Ideas you want. For creatives it's an amazing platform that allows you to pitch on various briefs.

The bottom line: Clients get the best Ideas and creatives get paid for those Ideas.

Brilliant, yes? We thought so too.

How this Social Think Tank Operates

Idea Bounty is a social think tank that provides a secure channel for the world wide creative community to offer solutions to creative briefs. A reward or 'Bounty' is offered for the Idea that best answers the brief and the contributor of the Winning Idea gets the cash.

What's the catch we hear you ask - there is none!

Creatives: The Idea belongs to you until you get paid.

Clients: You only pay for what you like. You use it, you buy it.

We want to facilitate the exchange of Ideas based on an open economy. The value of the reward will dictate the quality of the Ideas competing for the Bounty. Simple.

What's In It For Clients?

'The truth about how many brains are behind your brief...'

The traditional model for purchasing creative output (in the form of creative expertise, Ideas and ultimately communication platforms) has dictated that the client (the person with the problem) pay based on how many people and hours have been used in creating the end product. So it's rare that a budget allows more than two or three resources to be allocated to solving a brief.

If you truly wanted to inject the new energy and diverse thinking (Ideas) of hundreds of hungry experts, the costs would grow exponentially as new individuals lend their expertise...enter Idea Bounty. Here you have access to all the Ideas you could possibly imagine but you only have to pay for what you like.

What's In It For Creatives?

Are you a great Ideas scribbled on the back of a napkin type of person, the type who keeps a notebook next to their bed so when they wake up they can jot down the most insanely inspired dream time Ideas?

So you're über creative and Ideas pop into your head at a rate of knots but why would you need Idea Bounty?

The world's creative industries are competitive by nature and driven by accolades and rewards. Unfortunately these don't always carry any financial benefit ...enter Idea Bounty.

The Ideas you submit will only be visible to you and the client so you don't have to fret about anyone 'borrowing' your brilliant Ideas. If your Idea is used by one of our clients you will receive the cash reward (Bounty) on offer - 'YOUR work, YOUR reward'.

We will of course let everyone know whether their Ideas have been rewarded and in the case where the client would like you to continue working on the project we will gladly put you in touch with one another.

The Team Behind Idea Bounty

"Idea Bounty was started by a guy who saw the light and a guy who was frantically waving a torch."

The Idea Bounty team boasts a collective 16 years experience in the worlds of traditional advertising and online marketing. Above-the-line, through-the-line, below-the-line... any bloody line - you name it we've done it.

In short - we know how to find creative solutions to business problems and ensure that finding these creative solutions is a smooth process.

Idea Bounty is the social think tank that is going to inject some real inspiration into your business.

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what is idea bounty

Clients: Get thousands of minds thinking about your brief and only pay for what you use.

Creatives: Get paid for your best ideas with no long term commitment from you.

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