The End of IdeaBounty

Dear Community

After another disappointing end to a brief where we thought the ideas were amazing, but the client didn't buy them, we have very sadly decided to shut down IdeaBounty once and for all.

It was an idea that seemed genius at the time. Creatives would have an opportunity to stretch their imaginations by responding to briefs for brands they would likely have not had the chance to work on. For clients, it seemed like a no brainer - thousands of ideas for your brief, but you only have pay for the ones you use. Our only worry before we launched was that our creative community would get fatigued by the one in a thousand chance of success and eventually stop submitting their ideas.

We couldn't have been more wrong... this incredible community of creative minds has been nothing short of inspiring to work with. For us, this has been the most visceral demonstration of the power of purpose - that people doing something they love are not driven by material reward, but rather by the love of doing great work. Our creative community wasn’t really here for the money, they were here because they loved coming up with great ideas and just wanted a shot at seeing their ideas come to life. And many great ones did! From IdeaBounty, we’ve seen ideas produced in the form of TV ads, print campaigns and many strategic plans that have helped grow businesses and non-profits the world over.

It was our assumptions about clients where we went wrong. It turns out that no-risk ideas just aren’t that appealing, especially to those spending someone else's money, as they tend to favour the safety of a big agency brand over the riskiness of an idea borne of an independent thinker. This reality was compounded by the huge amount of effort required to sift through the ideas. The average brief received over 1000 ideas and this was always a herculean task especially as we always wanted to ensure that every idea received its deserved attention.

Whilst we do have a number of thoughts about how we could streamline this process and improve the value proposition for our clients, the current success of IdeaBounty just didn't support a further investment of time and resource and hence the sadness of today's closure.

From everyone behind the scenes at IdeaBounty we want to say how grateful we are to have had the privilege to work with some of the most exquisite creative minds on this planet. We were consistently blown away by the enormity of thinking behind the ideas, insights and executions which were submitted with each brief. It has been hard work, but it has been such fun and we wouldn’t change this journey for anything. Thank you all for being so passionate and supportive over the years, we have enjoyed this time with you immensely.

Here's to the great ideas of the future and the misfits who invent them!

The Idea Bounty team