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Client X Shortlist & Revolutionising the Costume Industry

by Idea Bounty on 2014/03/11

Greetings Ideas seekers and bounty hunters! We are sure you are all frothing at the bit for an update on the goings on at Idea Bounty.

Brand X

Firstly Brand X - thank you to everyone who submitted their ideas. The team is working through over 100 very well thought out and in-depth submissions. We are hoping to have a shortlist ready to publish early next week. Keep your eyes open for this! 

Morph Suits

Then incase you have not noticed we have a brand new spanking brief up from global costume company who are looking for ideas to help them take over the world… no seriously, Morph Suits are one of the most innovative consume companies out there are they need your help to make them truly famous. You can check out the full brief here. 

Good luck and check back next week for the Brand X shortlist. 

Peperami 'The Animals Second Coming' :: Winner Announcement

by Idea Bounty on 2013/11/04

What better way to kick off the week that announcing a winner! We are very pleased to announce that the Peperami team has settled on a winning idea and have awarded the full $10,000 Bounty! 


Peperami Logo

Please congratulate A.G Major who managed to clinch the win after a very hard fought battle of the ideas. We have gotten in touch with A.G who has opted to remain semi anonymous. All we can say is that he put forward a cracker of an idea that in the end won due to its simplicity and propensity to be executed in multiple channels. Congratulations A.G! 

But wait - There is more. Considering that the final battle for the winning idea was so hard fought the Peperami team have decided to award the three next best ideas a runners up cash prize of $800 each! Congratulations to the runners up below - you really do deserve this little reward. 

1) Kevin Baldwin 
2) Steven Baulk 
3) Richard Harris 

To the rest of the community who contribute - thank you so much for all your ideas and input! Here are a few words from the Peperami team to thank you. 

“Once again we were really pleased with the response to the brief & delighted with the number of entries we received. There were some fantastic ideas and many showed a deep understanding of the Peperami brand and the humour of The Animal. We were pleased that one of the community who was a winner with Peperami the first time we used Idea Bounty has re – entered this time around and is one of 2013’s runners up demonstrating what a great network the Idea Bounty provides. Thanks to all who entered their ideas and thanks for the wonderful creativity!” 

~ Matt Burgess & Alec Mellor, Peperami Brand Team   

That's it for now - keep an eye open for our next brief which should be making an appearance in the next couple of weeks. 


Peperami 'The Animals Second Coming' :: Shortlist

by Idea Bounty on 2013/10/30

As you all know we hosted a brief for Peperami last week which marked the return of The Animal to Idea Bounty. As expected this brief was hotly contested and we received hundreds of ideas. After many many hours of sorting through all the submissions and debating the merits of each we are proud to announce the shortlist of the top 10 ideas. 


Congratulations to the below creatives - especially Kevin who has been a winner on this brand before - for making the top ten.

Kevin Baldwin x 4 
Steven Baulk 
A.G Major x 2
Richard Harris 
Lukasz Gromkowski 
Rebecca Taylor 

We are planning to announce the winner on Monday next week so keep your eyes open!  

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