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Levi's® Original Music and Festivals: Supporting the source.

Deadline: 2009/01/30

The deadline has been reached for the Levi's brief.  Check out the interview with the winner on our blog.

As an icon of youth culture, music has been subconsciously and consciously woven into the fabric of the Levi’s® brand for the last 100 years. Like the Levi’s® brand, great music is defined through originality, authenticity and youth spirit, values that similarly are best reflected by the youth they represent. We want to make sure that these values never die, so we’re on a mission to support the bands and institutions that keep original music alive. We’d like you to help us shape how Levi’s® supports your passion for original music.

We are looking for ideas that get to the heart of the audience’s experience at a music festival and most importantly, ADD value to it. The best ideas will leverage what the Levi’s® brand is uniquely positioned to do to make the audience’s festival better. Questions you should therefore ask yourself are: What do people need/want/enjoy at a music festival? And which of these makes sense for the Levi’s® brand?

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