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What better way to kick off the week that announcing a winner! We are very pleased to announce that the Peperami team has settled on a winning idea and have awarded the full $10,000 Bounty! 


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Please congratulate A.G Major who managed to clinch the win after a very hard fought battle of the ideas. We have gotten in touch with A.G who has opted to remain semi anonymous. All we can say is that he put forward a cracker of an idea that in the end won due to its simplicity and propensity to be executed in multiple channels. Congratulations A.G! 

But wait - There is more. Considering that the final battle for the winning idea was so hard fought the Peperami team have decided to award the three next best ideas a runners up cash prize of $800 each! Congratulations to the runners up below - you really do deserve this little reward. 

1) Kevin Baldwin 
2) Steven Baulk 
3) Richard Harris 

To the rest of the community who contribute - thank you so much for all your ideas and input! Here are a few words from the Peperami team to thank you. 

“Once again we were really pleased with the response to the brief & delighted with the number of entries we received. There were some fantastic ideas and many showed a deep understanding of the Peperami brand and the humour of The Animal. We were pleased that one of the community who was a winner with Peperami the first time we used Idea Bounty has re – entered this time around and is one of 2013’s runners up demonstrating what a great network the Idea Bounty provides. Thanks to all who entered their ideas and thanks for the wonderful creativity!” 

~ Matt Burgess & Alec Mellor, Peperami Brand Team   

That's it for now - keep an eye open for our next brief which should be making an appearance in the next couple of weeks. 



richard harris on 06/11/2013

Yessss!!!!! When can we expect the money? And do you still send out newsletters? All seems very quiet in terms of members commenting and engaging? Anyway, £500, yessssss!!!!!!!

richard harris on 08/11/2013

Money's in, thanks!!! Do you still do Gold, Silver, Bronze awards?

richard harris on 14/11/2013

Do you still respond to messages?

bruce russell on 26/11/2013

you guys have a great professional looking site however your security implementation is amateurish - you never - i mean never send passwords in the clear and in an email. This is a terrible practice. If I am the legitimate subscriber I should know my password or I should request a reset. very poor practice..

richard harris on 27/11/2013

bruce, I don't think they even read this anymore. Hello???

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