Using New Technologies To Solve Old Problems

Zac Rusagara

The truth is that we live in a 2.0 world, one where Social Media and other new technologies and media have almost completely taken over. Pres. Barack Obama has seen the benefits on this by heavily relying on Social media for his election campaigns, to point out one example that illustrates the versatility of these new technologies. 




The problems we face though haven’t changed. Despite our very most technological advances, increased human knowledge and cutting edge inventions, we are still fighting very old problems, such as providing clean water to every one, establishing a few neighbourhood for our kids to grow up in, a fair-trade world and trying to abolish inhumane punishments such as the death sentence.

With the recent Japanese Earthquake Google and Twitter got involved to help, and came up with "Google People Finder" an innocative tool that helped you find your loved ones. 






I feel that we should look at these new tools that are at our disposal in order to solve these old problems. In the past few months I have noticed a trend that is very slowly starting to arise. One where people are starting to use these tools such as Twitter and YouTube to draw attention to worthwhile causes. Have a look at this fantastic use of QR codes, and video sensor technology in France to gain momentum in trying to abolish the death sentence.




Abolition - Prenez position / Vidéo Démo from Marcel on Vimeo


The following is an example of the excellent use of Twitter. Most of us that are on Twitter don’t always use all of our characters, this service then allows you to “donate” your left over characters to the fair-trade movement. By simply doing what you would have done any other day and not inconveniencing you in any way you are now taking part in helping others be aware of a worthwhile cause. 




As you can see above, "The web is truly what you make of it" and with so many tools and means at our disposal we should all get involved and utilise everything we haver to make the changes we want to see.

Remember, "Be the change you want to see in the world"- Ghandi.  



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