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Zac Rusagara

I came across this campaign a little while back but its only when I was talking to my 11 year old nephew, who knows the lyrics to most of the contemporary artists, but doesn’t really know who Genghis Khan is, that I realized how serious the matter is.



Initially intended as a project for their portfolios Matt Kappler, and Jenny Burrows have received enormous amounts of praise for these excellent works of modern art. Sadly not everyone was a fan of these posters, especially the museums, who wanted nothing to do with them. You can read the full story here.






However, I think that in order to revive and generate an interest in our history and to get the foot traffic in museums flowing we need to use such new and innovative ways of attracting the curiosities of kids and adults alike who would rather be lounging in front of their PlayStations and Wiis.


Giovanni on 09/05/2011

This is a very necessary campaign. No more than in the 21st century have pop culture icons been greater (somewhat undeserving)role models to the youth. Unfortunately, artists such as 50cent are not only admired for their ability to entertain but for their built success and popularity. I like the idea of a campaign that can teach others about truly significant people. Popular figures come and go, lets not focus too much of our energy on their continuous attention seeking behaviour.

Zac on 10/05/2011

Well said Giovanni, even though popular culture and "pop culture" has in fact plays its role in history, I feel that we should teach the youth about who got here and how we got here.

Ravi on 17/05/2011

Awesome blog post! Love the Genghis Khan poster :)

Zac on 19/05/2011

Yeah Genghis was the original player! he invented the game!

Amanda on 20/07/2011

Just saw the 'Genghis Khan' exhibit at the Irving Arts Center in Irving, Texas just outside Dallas. Your poster would fit perfectly - send it their way! It was an amazing exhibit with artifacts over 800 years old and showcasing more than once the 'wide spread' attention Genghis Khan gave the ladies.

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