Best Of The April Fool's Jokes

Zac Rusagara

Seeing it is that time of the year where we know there are going to be a lot of jokes being played on us, so we were aware and on the look out. Some of the jokes that made the rounds like the Google Gmail motion, and the pay what you weigh for your airline seat, had so much effort out into it that we just had to give them some credit. 


These are some of our favourite ones that were appreciated. Its not so much being caught out per se, but rather the effort that some of these companies have put into their jokes, that we cant help but click and enjoy.


Kodak’s “Relatonshiffft”


They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but what if it’s saying something that you don’t like? What if it has that very undesirable ex? Well then you can use this application to delete them from your pictures, entirely! Kind of a little scary, but some people would love it’s functionality.



Google’s Gmail motion, labels the keyboard and mouse as “outdated technologies”. Introducing Gmail Motion, was one where you were able to control your Gmail account with your body 


This was a really cool prank whereby if you googled “Helvetica” your search results would come up in sans comica font. Very cool and a little surprising. So it looked like this:

Google Autocompleter 

Google is hiring “an autocompleter” who is passionate about people and is intuitive. The purpose of the autocompleter is to complete the millions of searches that Google gets on a daily basis. View the job description here. 


Then there was Richard Branson who bought Pluto and reinstated it as a planet. His website stated that he bought the planet for an undisclosed sum becuase he was "hoping to set an example for struggling entrepreneurs facing setbacks by having Pluto reinstated as an official planet, after its declassification by the International Astronomical Union in 1996."  


This would also have been somewhat in line with his Virgin Galactic brand, so it made this specific joke a little closer to the truth than one might think. Good one Branson! 

These are only some of the pranks that caught our eye, what was your favourite and why?


Tiger Leaping Gorge on 13/02/2014

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