The Day The Earth Moved

Zac Rusagara

If you haven’t heard about the earth quake that has hit Japan today then it’s probably a good thing you are reading this Blog post! This 2011 Honshu earthquake caused tsunamis that measured up to 10meter in height, and that have completely desecrated most of Japans East coast. 


Today’s Blog however looks at just how powerful this earthquake has been.  Measuring 8.9 on the Richter scale, this is the most powerful earthquake in Japan’s history, and it is this earthquake that has literally shifted the Earth by 25cm!


The earthquake was so powerful that it shifted parts of Japans coast line by 2.4meters. Furthermore, since it has shifted the Earths Axis- the point on which the Earth spins on in order to give us day and night- now means that there will be a global effect on the change of seasons and we could possibly be losing up to 1.8microseconds in a 24 hour day. 


Combined with Global warming that we are already trying to get a hold on, could this be the even that will spur us to really start not only being environmentally aware, but to start being participants. Do you think we can heal our planet from the damage we have caused it over the last Century?  



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