MUTO: An Ambiguous Animation Painted on Public Walls

Zac Rusagara

In this week’s stop motion video, entitled: “MUTO: An Ambiguous Animation Painted on Public Walls”, we look at an incredible video by Italian Artist BLU. BLU is a street artist who has made a conscious effort to conceal his real identity, and usually paints politically and socially charged murals.


Even though you can use your digital camera to make a stop motion video, it generally takes a lot of time and effort to produce. However, I think once you have watched this specific video you will have a new appreciation of just how much time it took to create such a fantastic piece of work.

Using the streets and walls of Buenos Aires, Argentina the painting starts as a multi-armed monster, and constantly shifts and changes shape as the video progress. Sometimes it rips its head off, eats and rebirths itself and it even interacts with the street objects around it with accurate detail.  I can only marvel at this amazing creation. Whats your take on it?



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