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Daniel Neville

Happy Christmas everyone! Okay, so today I'm going to jump straight into it - one of the cool things about today is the chance that one might receive something of real value or worth from close family or friends. Well, this year we decided that we would list some of the things that we hope finds their way into our hands sometime today. We also put the call out to all of you who follow us on Twitter in a bit of a crowdsourcing experiment and those wish list items submitted are also listed below. 

Lip Camcorder
A camcorder that can fit in your pocket and is so easy to use that your two year old cousin could submit an entry for Doritos' Crash The Super Bowl -  if you are not sure if the quality is up to scratch take a look at the  The Future of Web Design New York project and  I’m sure you’ll agree it’s not bad for a camera costing about $130. Super easy to use, it’s ideal if you want to shoot short videos suitable for uploading to Facebook or YouTube. 
I love t-shirts and this is one awesome idea - The site takes the difficult decision making process out of your hands via their unique and amusing questionnaire. In their words - “Science has discovered it. You can benefit from it! Hipstery’s style technology is secret but involves a rigorous t-shirt screening system with maps, charts, mathematics and optimism – combined with vital data you provide us (we’ll ask you questions during the checkout process) and ensures you receive a t-shirt that you’ll want to wear forever, or at least until people refuse to sit next to you on bus.” - Im in! 
Voodoo Knife Holder Set
This 5-piece knife set comes with a voodoo doll style holder. Perfect for those of us who sometimes feel like stabbing someone but don’t necessarily want to go to jail for it.  I love cooking and sometimes wish I could stab someone - I'll have one!
Mari seems to have gone for two things on her list - fashion and books... here are her top picks. 
Sartorialist Coffee Table Book
Tiny At Director 
Post Secret Book
Photographic swimwear 
Lego Watches
Colour Pencil Jewerly 

The Idea Bounty Community
And lastly here are some select item from our community
The Sartorialist Book  - Seems to be popular! :
The Sartorialist  
Goldhawk Road London  
Season Ski Pass 
Makoya Fan Helmet 
Happy Christmas everyone - we hope you have an awesome day! Let us know in the comments below if you got anything super cool - or if you managed to bag any of the above!


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