Peperami Picks Two Winning Ideas!

Daniel Neville

Firstly we have to thank you all for your patience in waiting for this announcement - We know it has taken longer than usual to let you know who the winner is. Infact I think the last time it took this long to pick a winner was when we hosted the Red Bull brief earlier this year. Secondly we need to congratulate every person who submitted an idea. The process of choosing the winner was long and hard - with many debates and discussions around the ideas. I dont want to get into too much detail but you can read about why it took so long here.

Peperami Logo

At the end of it all the Peperami team from Unilever was seriously impressed with the ideas and after a rigorous idea selection workshop (which included the Idea Bounty team and SmartWorks the production house that do the execution of the idea) they decided that they could not pick a single idea and instead bought two! This is a first in Idea Bounty history and is testament to the quality of ideas and high level of creativity that all of you posses. Infact we were as impressed with the ideas that we are currently putting together a little something something for the creatives who produced the top 100 Ideas – keep an eye out on your inbox, the blog and future newsletters for word on our plans.

"We were very impressed by the standard and quality of the ideas – our biggest challenge was picking a winner from such a high calibre of thinking. I would like to thank the Idea Bounty community for all their hard work and effort. We couldn’t be more happy with the process and outcome and look forward to sharing the campaign with you in 2010"

~ Noam Buchalter, Marketing Manager, Peperami

But enough of that - We are proud to announce that the winners of the Peperami brief, and walking away with $10000 and $5000 respectively are creatives: Kevin Baldwin and Rowland Davies. Congratulations guys you really deserve it - fighting your way to the top of a pile of 1185 ideas is not easy! We really hope you have a great time spending that cash. Unfortunately we can’t give you all the info on the Ideas – you’ll just have to keep an eye out for the ads on TV! You can, however, read on for an interview with each of our winners

Winner: Kevin BaldwinKevin Baldwin
Idea: "Offspring"
Bounty: $10000

1.  First and foremost, congratulations on having your idea selected as having the best print concept - never mind the extra $5,000 for creative brilliance you landed. Did you think you had the winning Idea?
No, I’d never be that cocky!  I was happy with what I came up with, but I knew this brief would attract a lot of entries, so the chance of winning would be pretty small.

2. Tell us a bit more about yourself and how you stumbled across Idea Bounty and the Peperami brief.
I’ve been a copywriter since the mid-80s at a number of agencies, though with breaks to write books (three about football, one about baldness) and also to write questions and rude putdowns on the Weakest Link.  For the last year, I’ve been a full-time stay-at-home husband/father; I still do bits and pieces of freelance, but looking after our two young children – plus the fact that I can usually only work via e-mail and phone – means I’m necessarily restricted in how much I can do. As for the brief – I saw it mentioned on a few advertising-related sites and checked it out.

3. What drew you to submitting an Idea? Was it the brand or the challenge presented?
To be honest, it was the money!  I know that sounds terribly mercenary, but it’s the truth.  It did cross my mind that if I were to win, it would be a boost to know that I can still do it, but the money was the main factor.

4. How long did it take you to come up with the idea - was it a toilet moment (I get lots of ideas on the toilet) or a cunningly crafted plan?
It’s hard to say exactly.  The time between reading the brief and doing the work was probably a couple of weeks, but I didn’t actually sit down and concentrate on it at any point.  But for me, that’s an ideal way to work.

One of the best things about this brief was the amount of time given to work on it – it’s such a rare thing these days, both within agencies and especially when freelancing.  It’s usually about instant solutions and having first reviews within a day or two, which makes it hard to get much further than first thoughts.

I remember reading a book about the creative process when I was starting out – it may have been Alastair Crompton’s ‘Craft of Copywriting’, though I’m not sure – in which the author described his preferred modus operandi.  He liked to read the brief a few times, take in all the available information and then just let it simmer gently at the back of his brain for a while (even a week or two) until by some mysterious process an idea would pop into the front of his brain as if from nowhere.  I’ve always found that works for me when I’ve been given the time; it appears to have done so on this occasion too.

5. By profession you are a copy writer - with quite a bit of experience - do you think this gave you a significant advantage? Would you mind telling us a bit more about what you have worked on in the past?
It probably was a help in knowing how to get to the nub of the brief and how to bear in mind factors like the market and the history of the brand while trying to be entertaining.  And in how to put the ideas forward in a clear way.

As for past campaigns – too many to mention, though you’ll find a fair few on my website. The long-copy press campaign for Epson was a highlight, though that was written before a lot of current creatives were walking.  In recent years, I’ve worked on some Unilever brands, such as Persil, Ragu and Chicken Tonight, though I’m not sure that was of any particular help when writing for Peperami.

6. What was your process for tackling the brief - I know you spend a lot of time looking after your kids. Do you think they had an influence on your submission and the direction you took?
Without giving away too much of the idea – no, there are no recognisable character traits of our children in the work!  Though there was a ten-week period of the ‘terrible twos’ which our son went through in the summer which came fairly close…

7. Your winning submission "Offspring" contained some very amusing puns - especially in your print ads - would you describe yourself as a funny guy?
No.  That would be as pointless, misguided and almost certainly inaccurate as putting ‘GSOH’ in a dating ad. It would be better to ask people who know me whether I’m funny.  Probably not anyone I’ve worked with, though.

8. We assume that you have no problem with Crowdsourcing, (since you submitted an idea) what do you think it will take for the concept of mass idea generation to become standard thought for big brands?
It will depend on the success (or otherwise) of those brands that give it a go.  If those brands end up running good, successful campaigns then other brands will take notice and be more inclined to try it.

The big step will be when a brand uses Crowdsourcing to come up with a new, completely original campaign rather than building on existing work (as was the case with Peperami).  If that can be shown to work, I can see a lot of brands taking the concept seriously.

9. It must be awesome to know you are going to see your ideas all over TV and in print - How do you feel about this and any plans for the $10,000 you pocketed in the process?
It’s always good to see your work out there – except for those occasions when you don’t want to admit to your friends that you had anything to do with it…

Plans for the money?  I’ll be able to tell the kids that rumours of Santa’s death have been greatly exaggerated.  And we currently have a half-built kitchen which will probably take care of the rest.

10. Lastly if you were given an unlimited budget to develop a product or idea what would you create?
I have absolutely no idea!  But maybe if I let the question stew at the back of my mind for a couple of weeks, something may occur.

Creative: Rowland Davies Rowland Davies
Idea: "Little Ones"
Bounty: $5000

1. First and foremost, congratulations on having your TV idea selected as the best of 1185 entries - Did you think you had the winning Idea?
Thanks. I don't think you can ever tell if you have the winning idea unless you've seen what everyone else has come up with. What I did know was that I had an idea that worked and made me laugh when I thought of it.

2. Tell us a bit more about yourself and how you stumbled across Idea Bounty and the Peperami brief.
I'm an ex - creative director (let go a few months ago) who was looking for something to do besides putting my portfolio together, a friend of mine Pete sent me the link to your page and it was just as the Peperami brief was posted. I thought it was a great chance to do something fun for a change.

3. What drew you to submitting an Idea? Was it the brand or the challenge presented?
It was a bit of both. As a creative the hardest thing to do is to come up with something totally original - luckily a lot of the hard work had already been done by the guys at Lowe's who created this fabulous character. It's not often you get the chance to work on such a great campaign so I jumped at the opportunity.

4. How long did you spend on your idea? Was it one of those ideas that just hits you or did you have it lurking and sloshing around your head for a while?
I think I worked on it on and off for a week. The first few ideas I had were OK but they lacked any real bite (excuse the pun)
so I sat on it for a few days until a better idea popped into my head.

5. By profession you are a creative director - with quite bit of experince - do you think this gave you a significant advantage? Would you mind telling us a bit more about what you have worked on in the past?
I don't think being a creative director helped because sometimes it's difficult to be objective about your own ideas but what did help was 20 years working in advertising and knowing what works and what does not. I'm sure this gave me an advantage over people who haven't worked in the business. Having said that they may also have an advantage because they might see things from a fresh perspective.

I was luckily enough to land my first job at Ogilvy's at the end of the eighties so I got to work on a lot of big brands. Things were really buzzing there at the time and I was shooting my first TV commercial 3 months after I arrived. I mainly worked on Woolwich building Soc, Wisk, Sunpat peanut butter, lucozade and Timeout magazine. My biggest job (apart from running my own agency) was as worldwide creative director for Wella haircare at BBDO in Germany

6. What was your process for tackling the brief? I know you used to work on a lot of below the line campaigns - was if significantly different working on an above the line idea?
It's only in the last few years that I've been working below the line, previous to that I was doing mostly TV commercials. You don't forget how to do these things, 30 seconds is still 30 seconds. Also the same methodology applies to both - you need an idea to sell!

7. The guys from Unilever really loved your TV spot idea from your "Little Ones" submission - do you think you will look at doing more above the line work after your win?
I hope so. I think film is my fist love - closely followed by radio.

8. We assume that you have no problem with Crowdsourcing, (since you submitted an idea) what do you think it will take for the concept of mass idea generation to become a standard thought for big brands?
Like I said before generating truly original ideas is hard work and I don't think it's something that everyone can do on a daily basis. I think the future for crowdsourcing is probably taking existing campaigns and opening them up for everyone to have a go. However, if there are still some old dogs like me around on the net who knows... Just one caveat here - it does take a good client to buy a good idea. You could have thousands of great ideas but if the client isn't really sure of what he or she wants it won't make any difference how many ideas you have.

9. It must be awesome to know you are going to see your ideas all over TV - How do you feel about this and any plans for the $5,000 you pocketed in the process?
Yes it's good to know that my work will be on the telly again (my Mum will be able to tell her friends what I've been doing). Since at the present time I'm unemployed I'll be spending the money on Christmas presents and a skiing holiday

10. Lastly if you were given an unlimited budget to develop a product or idea what would you create?
If I had an unlimited budget I'd do something for St Mungo's (homeless charity) as I used to work for them many moons ago and also. I'd try to raise some cash for MS research as a mate of mine was just diagnosed with it.


Mike on 24/11/2009

More 1 month for the Top 100?

Tone on 24/11/2009

Yeah, when are we hearing about the top 100 and do they get published?

Daniel on 24/11/2009

Hi Mike,

Whoo.. I hope not. We plan to have everything ready to go very soon... you wont have to wait till Christmas dont worry! Stay tuned!


Sam on 24/11/2009

Um. Why even crowdsource? The head of an Ad firm and a dude who's worked on multiple campaigns for Unilever? Whole thing seems spoiled.

Natalie on 24/11/2009

Congratulations Rowland from all at St Mungo's - please get in touch if you ever want to work with us again!

Mathew on 24/11/2009

Well done Kevin and Rowland! I look forward to seeing your ideas soon.
For me - twas fun just to take part in this pioneering campaign.

Cody on 24/11/2009

Ah nut. Well, congrats to the winners! Look forward to hearing about the top 100. Zhu zhu pets anyone???

Daniel on 24/11/2009

Hi Sam,

Well Kevin and Rowland are both from (and unfortunately no longer) different ad agency to Lowe who held the account before hand. One of the reasons Unilever decided to go this rout was becuase they felt that the Peperami brand needed a fresh pair of eyes to look at it. It just so happend that the two guys who came up with the best ideas were ad guys.

I must let you know that the top 100 contains not just ad guys but people from all professions. The beauty of this is that is proves crowdsourcing works - put a problem out to a crowd and the best answer will be out there. How else would have Unilever found their ideas amongst all those agencies?

Any questions please shout!

Idea Bounty Captain

Marco on 27/11/2009

i was just wondering if these guys are from south africa? Seems a coincidence that a worldwide competition is won by 2 blokes from the same country.


Daniel on 27/11/2009

Hi Marco,

Kevin is from the UK (lives just outside London) and Rowland is from Germany (lives in Munich)

What I find interesting was that someone outside the UK - where Peperami is sold - was one of the winners.

Over all Ideas Bounties winners have come from France, South Africa, Singapore, Germany and the UK.

Hope this clears thing up!


Idea Bounty Cpatain

Marco on 27/11/2009

ok Daniel, appreciate the correction.

cant wait to see the winning ideas, will they be aired in uk?

Daniel on 27/11/2009

Hi Marco,

Its a pleasure!

I cant wait to see them either. They are due to air in the UK early 2010 but we will also post them on this blog so everyone can check them out.



Chico on 30/11/2009

Come on guys. Essentially it's the remaining 1178 people that's more important to you now and many each one of them is hanging on waiting to hear about the consolation winners. It's not fair to expect submissions and then leave them in the dark afterwards. You'll find far less enthusiasm for future project if you keep up this slack way of responding.


Daniel on 30/11/2009

Hi Chico,

Thanks for the comments - we absolutely agree with you on all your points.

The Peperami brief was the first time we experience so many submissions and to be completely honest with you we had to learn a lot very quickly.

As a consequence we have had minimal time to get together the consolation prizes in order (since this is the first time we are doing it) and we are working as fast as we can to make sure we have everything in order as soon as possible. We should have everything in order in the next three days so please hang on for a few days longer.

You are very correct when you say there will be less enthusiasm for brief later on - But like I mentioned this is the first time we are rewarding more than just the winner and we will be doing so for every brief in the future which will mean the runners up will be announced on the same day as the winner for all of our forthcoming briefs.

I really do apologise for the delay and promise to have the runners up announced as soon as we can!


Idea Bounty Captain

IGCRZ on 02/12/2009

Why are all of you guys so excited about the top 100? What do YOU get? Vibrating Peperamis? I believe you missed the fact that you got beaten the head of an ad agency and a guy that used to do ads for Unilever – manufacturers of PEPERAMI! I've been following crowd sourcing for a while and I think it is a cool new way to provide alternative ways of advertising and personal recognition, but this here ends it for me. I didn't read the fine-print of the contest rules but I do know that similar contests, especially ones with prizes like $15K, are regulated by things like ‘no employees or friends or family-members of employees are eligible to enter.’ It seems like in this case crowd sourcing is taking a different path into getting a hold of your cool ideas and are giving the prize to their ex-girlfriends so to speak. So next time you need to "finish the other half of the kitchen", I suggest you read the rules again and think before prostituting your talent.

Congrats to the “winners”.



IGCRZ on 02/12/2009

*beaten by

Chico on 02/12/2009

Take a nap IGCRZ, or maybe you did hence not reading the small print.

Anyway, chumps aside, would be good to know the final outcome sooner rather than later.

sergio on 02/12/2009

first, congratulations to the winners.

second, when we will be able to see those winner ideas. Is it Peperami going to feature in their adverts in global basis?

Dan on 03/12/2009


Thanks for your comments - I would like to point a few assumptions that you have made. You are completely correct, the brief was won by industry professionals but both men have been out of work for a while now. Added to that Kevin worked on Unilever brands (Persil, Ragu and Chicken Tonight) but never on Peperami and is not an employee of Unilever or has any affiliation with them. In fact for the last year he has been a stay at home father! So no prizes were given to ex-girlfriends :)

Then with regards to your comments about 'prostituting your talent" We do everything we can at Idea Bounty to protect your ideas and the IP contained in them. Our system works in such a way that you still infact own your ideas that you submitted for the Peperami brief. There is no way Unilever can used them unless they have paid for it - hardly prostituting your talent. This also means that Unilever is not 'getting a hold of your cool ideas' for free either since they have to pay for anything they use. This is also the reason why there were two winners - the ideas came from two guys so both get paid!

Then in terms of what the creatives who own the top 100 ideas will receive - we are busy putting a system in place that will aimed at providing recognition to creatives.

The announcement of the top 100 creatives will happen on Monday next week - so stay tuned!


Idea Bounty Captain

Dan on 03/12/2009

Hi Sergio,

The Peperami ads are due to be rolled out early next year in the UK - we will make sure you get to see the final executions on this blog too!

IDEAT on 04/12/2009

All you sore losers need to dry your eyes and stop whinging, if your ideas weren't good enough then they weren't good enough. Congrats to the winners! The point of open competition is that it's open to all. Try harder next time!

Chico on 06/12/2009

Alright IDEOT, who appointed you sherriff,? Best you sit down wee lad

Jase1 on 07/12/2009

Are the two winners ideas going to be used in there entirety, or do there ideas then go onto an agency to be polished up?

I hope the two winners get complete creative control. I can't wait to see the ads. What a great achievement for the winners. Congratulations.

Ben on 08/12/2009

"Our system works in such a way that you still infact own your ideas that you submitted for the Peperami brief. There is no way Unilever can used them unless they have paid for it - hardly prostituting your talent. This also means that Unilever is not 'getting a hold of your cool ideas' for free either since they have to pay for anything they use."

Oh come now. That's the oldest crock in the book. Clients have been trotting out for years during pitches.

Here's how you do it, for any would-be clients keen to find out more...

1. Decide you'd like lots of lovely ideas, but aren't really all that keen on paying for them

2. Call a pitch with much fanfare. Invite as many great sources of ideas (be they top agencies, or, for example, thousands of creative people) to pitch, as you can

3. Make the point to all concerned that while unfortunately there's no pitch fee, all ideas will be treated in the strictest of confidence, and nothing will be used without remuneration

4. Hold the pitch

5. Make a note of all the ideas you really like. Be sure to ask for an electronic copy of all the decks that have been produced for you for free, as a non-negotiable part of the process

6. Give the ideas you like to your or incumbent agency, or, for example, favourite low-cost production house

7. Launch the work

8. Gasp in indignation when the people who had the ideas which are now your campaign kick up a fuss. Agree that "it was amazing that you and the eventual winners both came up with the same ideas". Bask smugly in the knowledge that no-one can prove otherwise

9. Wait for all the hoo-hah to die down

10. Repeat

God bless you for having the brass neck to dress this up as anything different.

Keep an eye out for the ideas you've sweated blood over, people - coming to a screen near you for no reward, soon!

sjad on 20/01/2010



Vaughan on 09/03/2011

well said Ben, anyone is free to turn up at an art director's office and pitch their idea or let creatives pick your design and understand your pitch then push it in the right direction.

Art working takes months, ideas can take seconds, yet we still do them because we like to.
I have terrabytes of what I think is fantastic, no one else does but someone may.

Miss.Tree.Brittain on 11/04/2012

are you still wanting ideas for ads?
had one tucked away.

Zac on 11/04/2012

Hi - yes we are always looking for ideas. Please get in touch with us at info@ideabounty.com and we can chat.

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