Liquid Meals

Mari Basson

Kat has been finding weird things that people drink out of and obscure drinking rituals, so I thought I’d get into the spirit of our current brief and find the most bizarre drinks around. I discovered that it is now possible to have your entire day’s food intake in liquid form. You don’t believe me? See for yourself.

A Starter – Water Salad.

Coca-cola Japan makes bottled water called Water Salad. It’s not just one kind of salad either, there are 6 different flavours! So I suppose you could have a different salad everyday, one day a Greek, the next a Caesar…the possibilities are endless. Water Salad has been available in Japan for ages, but the trend doesn’t seem to have spread anywhere else (despite positive reviews).

Water Salad

I wonder what a 'Chicken Salad' flavoured Water Salad would taste like?

The Main course - MeatWater
If that doesn’t get your taste buds going MeatWater also offers flavours like Fish & Chips, Hungarian Goulash and just about any other meat dish you can think of. It’s pumped with protein and other essential nutrients and was apparently developed in Germany to suit our fast-paced lifestyles.


Quoted from their press release: "MeatWater provides the essence of nutrition and the memory of dining without the hassle of eating.”

This all seems a bit fishy to me since I haven’t been able to find any stockists of MeatWater, despite the website and press releases seeming pretty legit. I would venture that it’s mocking products like vitaminwater, which are quite popular.

Lastly, your cheese platter in a glass.

Why waste time with a conventional cheese platter when you can rather just have a glass of cheese? The NEEDS cheese factory (once again in Japan) make drinking cheese. Apparently it tastes a bit like yoghurt but you’re left with a lovely cheesy aftertaste. Mmmm.

Drinking Cheese

With three different flavours - blueberry, citrus and plain – cheese has never been so exciting.

For the Dieters

If all this talk of liquid meals has got you worrying about your waistline, do not fear, there is a liquid solution! Just have a bottle of either Diet Water (Japan) or Skinny Water (USA) half an hour before you drink the rest of your meal and you won’t be cheating your diet. This totally baffles me, since I always thought water was diet anyway; no calories, no fat. Apparently I was wrong!

Skinny and Diet Water

“0 calories, 0 fat, 0 guilt” Since when does drinking water cause guilt?

So that’s how you can have an entire meal in liquid form. As tantalizing as all of that sounds I think I’ll be sticking to solids for now!


Justin on 27/03/2009

I've just seen this meatwater picture.......

If you've ever heard of Glaceau (spelling*) then you'll notice the packaging is IDENTICAL!!!!

Kathryn on 30/03/2009

Hey Justin,

I have heard of Glacéau vitaminwater, I actually had a bottle of it last week! The packaging is identical, which is why I realised that meatwater was just mocking the already existing brand.

I find it so interesting how much effort people put into making a statement. Check out the meatwater website: http://dinnerinabottle.com/
These guys have put so much into this it's crazy.

Let's just hope that meatwater doesn't ever get made for real!

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I suppose you could have a different salad everyday, one day a Greek, the next a Caesar.

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