Small change. Big Happy

Matt Riley

As the deadline for our first Idea Bounty brief draws close and we begin going through the amazingly diverse collection of ideas, there is definitely a common element in the ones that stand out. They are all based on simple observation and routed in day to day human behaviour.

I wanted to test this observation so I went in search today for ideas that leverage the day to day to create a big impact. I reckon I found some. Enjoy.

‘PR was never an option for us. Everything we created--be it for our clients or our brand, had to be newsworthy’. This quote stuck out in an excellent interview on Behance with Chad Rea. A few of his projects (in an amazing body of work) stuck out for me because of the way they introduced small changes to create massive change.

Guerilla Gardening is an incredible movement (I live in London, the more trees the better I say!) and this made me smile.


Project Hello introduces a small mechanic to give the previously ignored a personal connection (anyone know if its still going?)

There is a great exchange of ideas going on at Ecopop . The business card sums it up.


The folks at Improv Everyewhere  are mixture of flash mob and performance art. Here’s a great example of disrupting the everyday to create a special blend of delight.


Welcome Back from ImprovEverywhere on Vimeo.





Gaby on 20/11/2008

can't help but smile.

matt on 20/11/2008


Tim on 20/11/2008

Love the business card. What an introduction to an elevator pitch!

Santi on 03/12/2008

Snap on the business card, Tim.. excellent concept.

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